Online PC Backup

OneNet’s Online PC Backup service provides you with peace-of-mind that your valuable documents, spreadsheets, accounting data or emails will never be lost.

OneNet PC Backup automatically delivers secure data protection and immediate access to your data files from any PC connected to the Internet. In the event of a lost or stolen laptop, you may be confident that you can access and restore files whenever and wherever you choose.

Business Benefits

Have peace-of-mind knowing that you can always access your files from any PC connected to the Internet.

OneNet PC Backup

With OneNet Backup:

  • Valuable company intellectual property is protected
  • Software applications and data are quickly restored in the event of laptop loss or theft
  • The burden and cost of maintaining and protecting distributed data on laptops is removed and there is no need to create an off-site tape backup again
  • All of the data backup processes are automated
  • Comprehensive protection from hard-disk crashes, viruses and theft is provided
  • One of the industry’s most advanced data protection systems available is employed to protect the distributed data residing on laptops within your organisation

Information Technology as a Service

OneNet allows organisations of any size to purchase information technology resources as a service. This is similar to the way electricity is purchased from a power supply company. With OneNet’s PC Backup service business benefits include:

  • Only the service actually used each month is charged for
  • There are no expensive servers to purchase and maintain
  • Software license investment is not required
  • Future software and service upgrades are included in the low monthly service fee
  • A stable and reliable online pc backup solution virtually eliminates backup administration time and improves productivity

Technical Overview

OneNet PC Backup scans your computer every day looking for changes that you have made since the last backup was performed.

At a time selected by you, OneNet PC Backup scans your computer every day looking for changes that you have made since the last backup was performed. These changes are encrypted (scrambled so that it cannot be understood by a third party) and compressed (reduced in size to reduce communication bandwidth costs) before being securely transmitted to OneNet’s two geographically separated data centres.

Retrieval of your files only takes a couple of mouse clicks and can be done from any PC connected to the Internet. OneNet PC Backup includes the following features to enable secure, efficient and reliable backup of distributed data:

  • Email Backup Optimizer™– The Email Optimizer will backup your Outlook data files. By tracking your emails and storing attachments separately, the backup process is quick and applied only to new emails or previous emails that have been re-sent. Therefore, you will always be able to access and retrieve your old or archived emails.
  • Backup/Retrieve– Rapid and automatic backup of PC data and emails over any connection. Data retrieval is typically managed by you with a few mouse clicks. An icon on the desktop simplifies the process of storing your files and retrieving them in the event of a stolen laptop, PC hard-drive failure or simply testing a restore.
  • myROAM– Access your saved files through a secure Internet connection via any PC with a web browser. Data is no longer dependent on a given piece of hardware. Simply visit the portalfrom any PC connected to the Internet, enter your account number and password, and then open your files.
  • Secure Data Storage– Your computer files are protected by “military-strength” security. One of the highest levels of digital security available is state-of-the art 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) combined with 112-bit Triple-DES encryption. During the transmission of data and while the data is stored at OneNet no third party can view the files unless they have your password and unique encryption key.
  • Superior Management– You set the timing for daily or weekly backups and decide what files or folders are backed up or excluded. Once this selection has been done, OneNet Backup does the rest, leaving you to concentrate on using the data, not protecting it.
  • Send Once– The “Send Once” process backs up common files to a “pool” which prevents extra copies of shared files from being stored in multiple User archives. You will save yourself the time and expense of storing the same files over and over again.