Infrastructure as a Service

OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service provides scalable infrastructure and computing resource, enterprise-class server, network, security and storage platforms. In addition, a suite of management tools is provided to give you control of your applications and a professional services team to help you when you need it.

Business Benefits

OneNet provides highly-available and scalable virtual server resources that can be provisioned and de-provisioned, as required. Additional resources can be added and removed as workloads change. OneNet proactively monitors server performance. Alerts, performance metrics and custom reporting can be configured and delivered to you, based on your specific requirements.

Virtual Servers Scalable Resource

OneNet has a highly skilled team of experts whose sole focus is to provide “rock-solid” infrastructure for the delivery of your applications to your users. As skilled resources become more difficult to attract and retain, OneNet alleviates the need for your staff to be focused on infrastructure support. This means that your internal IT department can have a more focused team that may concentrate on providing innovative solutions aligned with your business requirements.

Information Technology as a Service

OneNet allows organisations of any size to purchase information technology resources as a service. This is similar to the way electricity is purchased from a power supply company.

With OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service, business benefits include:

  • Only the service actually used each month is charged for
  • The appropriate capabilities of server resource can be matched to your requirements
  • Server resources may be scaled up and down as demand changes
  • There are no expensive servers to purchase and maintain
  • Software license investment is not required
  • The burden and cost of maintaining and protecting in-house server infrastructure is alleviated
  • Future software and infrastructure upgrades are included in the low monthly service fee
  • A stable and reliable server and ancillary infrastructure resource virtually eliminates downtime and improves productivity

Technical Overview

OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service provides virtual server resources that can be provisioned and adjusted as required.

OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service offering has the following features:

  • Runs on highly scalable and redundant IBM blade servers and enterprise-class IBM System Storage
  • Uses Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation
  • Supports heterogeneous environments, including Windows or Linux virtual machines
  • Leverages Virtual Network and Cisco Firewall infrastructure that enables secure accessibility via the Internet or dedicated WAN connections
  • Housed in OneNet’s Tier 3+ data centres
  • Built on OneNet’s highly-available network and security core
  • Infrastructure monitoring and alerting 24x7x365, incident response, proactive troubleshooting and access to OneNet’s Service Desk

OneNet’s Standard Infrastructure as a Service solution includes:

  • Server operating system
  • Managed automated patching (WSUS)
  • Managed antivirus deployment
  • Monitoring services over 24x7x365 for server, storage, network and security, including up/down and performance data
  • Back-up and archive services
  • Managed network and firewall

OneNet’s Configurable Options for Infrastructure as a Service, available on request, include:

  • Additional Microsoft licensing, such as Microsoft SQL Server
  • Replication to a secondary site for disaster recovery
  • Replication to a secondary site for high availability
  • Load-balancing solutions
  • Managed Internet services
  • Application delivery support
  • Dedicated health status portal for your hosted infrastructure